Ken, your Skipper on the Libby, worked on charter fishing boats at school leaving age with local charter boat legends Arthur Cargill and Tommy Lewis.

This was during the heyday of Charter fishing in Whitby, when there were approximately 100 boats engaged in Fishing Trips.

Ken’s experience comes from having owned a commercial fishing boat along with private boats over a period of 4 decades.

We are now starting what is only our 5th season operating the Libby and we are building up a good reputation, with people repeat booking regularly, especially the 3hr parties for the less experienced anglers, who are given advice and assistance regarding fishing techniques.

Ken’s willingness to try out different locations during the Fishing Trip in an attempt to find fish is always appreciated by the anglers.

Ken keeps the Libby and all its fishing equipment in tip top condition for your convenience, this standard is kept up for each fishing trip throughout the day.

Whitby Charter Skipper Ken Graham

Whitby Charter Skipper Ken Graham. 40 plus years of experience for Whitby Fishing Trips.