Every year, during the school holidays we run evening mackerel fishing trips here at Whitby. These have been a great success for both single anglers and whole families who want the experience of a few hours fishing out of Whitby.

Although we target mostly mackerel there are other fish available with whiting, cod and pollack often putting in an appearance.

Whats more, fishing on an evening can be an awesome experience. The summer sunsets are a sight for sore eyes. The wildlife on view can be excellent too. Although we cant promise you will see anything, it is not unknown to see dolphins, porpoise, whales and many bird species such is gannets which are amazing to watch when feeding on shaols of spratt and sandeel close to shore.

Mackerel fishing on light gear can be excellent fun, and its very easy, so all the kids can have a go and stand a very good chance of catching something too.

When the mackerel shoal up inshore at Whitby they often go into a feeding frenzy. Our evening trips are often times to perfection as the best times for mackerel feeding are often through the summer evenings.

Further Information On Our Mackerel Fishing Trips At Whitby.

Here are just a few pictures from our evening mackerel trips. Click the thumbs to view full sized photographs