Boat Fishing At Whitby - Short 3 Hour Fishing Trips On the Libby

Boat Fishing At Whitby – Short 3 Hour Fishing Trips On the Libby

We had a really great 4 hr trip on Libby today, The trip was 4 hours longs starting at 11am and finishing at 3pm (no getting up at mad 0 clock).

We Set off as a 3 hr trip but ended up being extended to 4 hrs. First stop was the same place as yesterday the South hard off Sandsend Cliffs, which was steady at first with 4 codlings and a couple of Poutings coming up.

But with the East wind and ebb tide things became difficult for a hour and nothing was caught. So we moved a bit further in to what is known as the Boilers, but conditions were bad so we decided to head for home.

As we approached the harbour we decided to stop at the mark known as Cafe Hard about 1/2 mile North West of the Harbour entrance and the fish started coming aboard. We stayed for an hour and ended up with 15 Codlings, best being about 5lb , 4 Poutings and 2 Whitings, and 2 under sized Codlings that we threw back.

A good day, nothing fantastically big caught but everyone enjoyed themselves. Breakfast was pre ordered at the Singing Kettle, they commented it was there best Breakfast ever.

The bait Lugworm, mussel and squid bought from Whitby Angling Supplies, pretty sure mussels bait has had the edge over the weekend.

Best wishes and many thanks for Reading – Ken And Gina.