Libby has being out fishing today with 4 passengers in glorious weather.  The feed marks are showing on the 3 mile, towards the end of the trip when we got some tide , we fished a feed mark 2 and 3/4 mile off Saltwick Nab.  First fish to come up was a fouled hook Herring and a small whiting.  I was convinced there would be something better to come up, next fish up was a Coley which is a great sign that the fish are feeding.  We ended up with 5 Cod, 2 came up together on one line.  The water seemed clear at the top and I am sure with a couple more days of sunshine on the water, it will clear the water at the bottom and hopefully the fish will start to feed and we will start catching.  For those who like the Mackerel, they have started to catch, not in great quantities, but they are there.007